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Especial Entrevistas: SiFu Donald Mak

Neste mês, o Blog do Dido volta com o  'Especial Entrevistas', com mais um nome de grande relevância na comunidade internacional Wing Chun ; SiFu Donald Mak!

Discípulo de um dos mais antigos alunos do Patriarca Yip Man, o SiFu Chow Tzé Chuen, SiFu Donald Mak tem trabalhado constantemente na divulgação e na preservação do sistema Wing Chun em todo o mundo.
A entrevista aconteceu via E-mail em inglês e as imagens, foram escolhidas pelo próprio SiFu Donald. A entrevista com a tradução para o português será postada ainda esta semana.

Esperamos que apreciem!

This month, Dido Blog back to the 'Special Interview' with another very important name in the international community Wing Chun; SiFu Donald Mak!

Disciple of one of the oldest students of Patriarch Yip Man, the Chow Tze Chuen SiFu, SiFu Donald Mak has worked steadily in the dissemination and preservation of the Wing Chun system worldwide.
The interview took place via email in English and the images were chosen by SiFu Donald himself. The interview with the translation into Portuguese will be posted this week.

We hope you enjoy!

Blog do Dido:  How you find your SiFu?  How was your first contact with wing chun and what do you feel the training in those days?

DM: I was interested in kung fu when I was a kid.  However, in the late 60’s and early 70’s, kung fu people gave a bad impression to the general public that they were mafia.  So, even though I was interested in kung fu, I did not start learning any kung fu not until I was 17.  When I was 15, I watched a Wing Chun movie called “The Warriors Two”.  I was so impressed by the actions and techniques shown in the movie.  It was that movie that made me determine to find a Wing Chun teacher.  Lucky enough, one of my classmates’ brother’s classmate called Leung Ping Sang was Chow sifu’s student.  So, I was brought to Chow sifu’s school by this indirect relationship in 1979.

My Sifu is a devout Wing Chun practitioner and master.  Ever since he started doing Wing Chun in the early 50’s and became teacher in the mid 60’s, he has never stopped practicing and polishing his skill.  Despite his advanced age, he still keeps practicing every day.

He teaches Wing Chun is not for money!  He teaches Wing Chun is solely for spreading Wing Chun and keeps the family tree of Yip Man Wing Chun growing.  He used to working in a Bus company in Hong Kong.  He made use of his after working time to teach Wing Chun.  So, he only teaches Wing Chun privately and never makes any advertisement for his school.

Training in those days was very traditional.  We could not progress to learn next techniques if we did not learn what have been learnt well.  However, the class atmosphere was very warm and friendly.

Blog do Dido;  In your opinion, what's the most important aspect of training under SiFu Chow Tzé Chuen guidance and in your own guidance?

DM: The most important aspect of training under SiFu Chow is the footwork and Chi Sao.  Footwork includes stances, stepping method, using the hip power and kicking.  We focus a great deal of work on these aspects.

Blog do Dido:  SiFu Chow as well knowing as a great master of kick techniques. Can you tell us something about these training?

DM: Yes… since the physical built of SiFu Chow is small, he was taught by his teacher, GM Yip Man to use more leg techniques to compensate his physical disadvantage. To use kicks well, one must have strong leg to support the balance. Thus, it is very often to do the training on solo leg stance.  In addition, special Chi Gerk (Sticky leg) exercise and the Wing Chun 8 legs techniques were taught by Yip Man to him in order to enhance the flexibility, strength and in using kicks.  Furthermore, kicks are blended in our Chi Sao exercises in order to polish the kicking skills.

 Blog do Dido; What's your opinion about Wing Chun's fighters in competitions like UFC and similar? Do you think that wing chun's fighter can do well without having to train other arts?

DM: Theoretically, Wing Chun can handle any stood fight provided the athletes are trained well.  However, since UFC competitions involve a lot of ground fighting which Wing Chun does not have, Wing Chun fighters have to learn and train this part of skills.

Blog do Dido;  Can you tell us some interesting history that you've had in all those years of practice?

DM: An interesting history is when my SiFu taught me the Mui Faa Zong (Plum Flower Posts) techniques.  Traditionally, the posts of Mui Faa Zong are buried onto the ground but it is not possible to make such set up in the environment of Hong Kong.  So, in order to teach us, my SiFu drew the circles on the ground to resemble the posts of Mui Faa Zong.  Without the height of the posts, we did not worry to fall down even though our balance was no good.  However, my SiFu were very serious in teaching.  Even though without the posts, he required us to be serious and focus on the balance and stepping method.

Blog do Dido;  The Wing Chun system as estructured by principles and concepts to make easy to student to understand. However, in 99% of the wing chun's families do the things differently one of others. In you opinion, why this happens?

DM: In my opinion, it is mainly because different people have different interpretation.  It is just because Wing Chun is a principles and concepts-based system, it gives a lot of room for different interpretations on the applications. There is a Chinese saying that “Tong Chuat Yat Si, Gei Kwok Yau Yee”, literal meaning: Even study under a same teacher, students’ skills will turn out differently.  Thus, differences are bound to happen because of people. Nevertheless, to me, it is good because it can have wider variety.  The most important is to understand what is the difference and why it is different, what are the pro and cons and how to cover the cons.

Blog do Dido;  What is the most important point to be a good wing chun's student? And What is the most important point to be a great wing chun's master?

DM: For student, hard working and dedication.  For master, willing to teach and real understanding the whole art.

Blog do Dido;  Thanks for your attention for this interview. I would like you to leave a message for our readers and your contacts, for those who want to visit you. Thank you so much!

DM: It is my pleasure.  Your readers are welcome to visit me.  My full contact is as follows:

International Wing Chun Organization
Hong Kong School Address : Flat 12, 8/F., Yuen Fat Industrial Building, 25 Wang Chiu Road, Kowloon Bay, Kowloon, Hong Kong
HK Tel : +852 91328162
Web (Hong Kong) : www.hkwingchun.com
Web (International) : www.iwco.info

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