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Especial Entrevistas; SiFu Leo Imamura; translated

This month, '' The special interviews'' of Blog do Dido back in full force with a surprise interview with a household name within the Wing Chun ( Ving Tsun ) worldwide : Si Fu Leo Imamura .

Born in 1963 ,Si Fu Leo Imamura began studying Wing Chun in Brazil in 1979 . Became a disciple of Grand Master Moy Yat in 1987 and since then has experienced this martial art in the broadest sense of the word . Current Leader of Clan Moy Yat Sang , Si Fu Leo Imamura is a reference for most of the Wing Chun practitioners in Brazil From the 80 /90's and even for the current generation . His vast knowledge made ​​him a different person in martial circle both in Brazil and in several other countries . Currently , Si Fu Leo Imamura , along with his wife , Vanise Imamura , leads the Moy Yat Ving Tsun Martial Intelligence , the task given to him by Grand Master Moy Yat to help it develop a tool that would allow the preservation of the Wing Chun system , within the demands of the XXI Century . A curiosity : Si Fu Leo Imamura is the brother of the famous illusionist Issao Imamura , who I am a big fan ( laughs ) .

This interview happened very spontaneously and somehow evading the way they had been doing interviews on Blog do Dido . Who ever has a sharp eye could see in previous interviews that in every interview , do only eight questions (being a Chinese cabalistic number , present in various aspects of the Wing Chun system such as ' knife eight cuts , eight shots , etc. ... etc. ... ) . This time , it was not so . ''  The interview'' happened during a few hours of informal conversation in the inbox on facebook,by a suggestion of Si Fu Leo Imamura himself , which left much more fluid and natural conversation. Tried to address some issues so that people could better understand how the work is conducted within the Moy Yat Ving Tsun Martial Intelligence , especially in regard to martial intelligence. I sincerely hope that our readers enjoy the interview friends .

 Blog  do Dido ; How did your interest in Ving Tsun ? How was the first contact and when mr. actually started the training ?

Leo Imamura
My interest in Ving Tsun came from my contact with Bruce Lee. Honestly,I had no interest in Kung Fu in general, only the Ving Tsun interested me . It's simplicity and practicality attract me . I began my study of Ving Tsun in 1979 .

Blog do Dido ; At that time, it was difficult to find teachers of Wing Chun in Brazil ? How did you meet your first Si Fu ?

Leo Imamura
It was very difficult . Was the Grand Master Li Wing Kay who introduced me to my first Si Fu , his brother , Grand Master Li Hon Ki , who respectfully called Master Kay ..

Blog do Dido ; How was the occasion on which Mr. . met the Grand Master Moy Yat ?

Leo Imamura

Thanks to a trip we made Grand Master Li and me to China and spent in New York prior to visit their elder brother , Mr. Albert Lee. Albert was my gai siu yan (formal presenter ) near the Moy Yat family . That was in 1987. As you can tell I owe much to the Family Li ( Lee ) . The three brothers had important roles in my life .

Blog do Dido ; And what was your first impression when meeting the Grand Master Moy Yat ?

Leo Imamura

A very distinguished person of the people I knew in the world of Kung Fu . Not look like a fighter. Had a quiet and gentle speech gestures . I was very impressed that identify the 3 instructors of Master Kay just watching my Siu Nim Tau , the first form of Ving Tsun .

Blog Dido ; How was practice under their direct supervision ? What points that Mr. . could enhance the transmission of the Wing Chun system by Grandmaster Moy Yat ?

Leo Imamura

The Kung Fu Life . There were no classes . There was nothing that I was used to here ... gym ... time to start , time to end , applications , exercises ...
The opportune moment was much more valued than the scheduled time. So we learned when we were ready to learn and not when the master just think you have to teach.

Blog Dido : So it was a learning '' full time'' , right?

Leo Imamura ; Right. The first 3 years slept in own mo gun ( martial enclosure ) . Then I went to sleep at the home of GM Moy Yat . Full time what I mean is an average 16 hours a day ... But not training, but Kung Fu Life ( Saam Fat) .

Blog Dido ; It is well-known story in which Mr. . have learned the principles and concepts of biu ji in the kitchen of the Grand Master Moy Yat , ... as was the occasion ?

Leo Imamura
I do not remember that ... Who told you this story ?

Blog Dido : I read somewhere ...

Leo Imamura

Remember I had access to the Biu Ji on The Grand Master Moy Yat's House , but was in the living room . His son, Master William Moy showed me the listing and he followed the proceedings sitting on the couch . I remember that was the first time he invited me to dinner at his house , but not yet that time my Sifu  invited me to sleep at his house .

Blog Dido ; Master, within this experiential process of Wing Chun , as this traditional form of transmission was being introduced in Brazil ? Had great difficulties regarding the questions of Western thought versus Eastern thought ?

Leo Imamura

We had a lot of trouble ! In the 1980's , people in general do not understand how it was possible to learn without training , without learning techniques , without making use of applications to be effective . After over 25 years it is possible to see some result of what people call " traditional form of transmission " through outstanding disciples of our family . Masters like Maia Anderson ( MG ) , Nathaniel Rosa ( DF ) , Julio Camacho ( GB ) , Fabio Matsushita ( SP ) , Washington Fonseca ( SP ) , Celso Large ( SP ) , Ricardo Queiroz ( RJ ) and many others are a benchmark for excellence Ving Tsun in Brazil . The Mistress Ursula Lima ( RJ ) is an international standard of female representation of our art . Masters Renato Almeida ( USA ) , Leandro Godoy (Argentina ) and Marcelo Navarro (Spain ) are important exponents of Ving Tsun in their respective countries . Master Fabio Gomes ( RJ ) is a reference work with the Army Special Forces , UN Peacekeepers , BOPE and other elite troops . And with reference to your last question , both the Master Walter Correia ( SP ) that has made this link between Western and Eastern thought , through the official introduction in the Ving Tsun School of Physical Education and Sports , University of São Paulo , the Master Felipe Soares who has dedicated the Ving Tsun Experience is an important interface between the world of martial arts and society in general as the Master Cheek that Leonardo has authored important works for the clarification of this issue are outstanding examples of how you can overcome these difficulties .

Blog Dido ; What mr. could highlight as the most important attribute that the practitioner has a good understanding of the practice of Wing Chun ?

Leo Imamura

The understanding of what is Kung Fu . ; Being the Ving Tsun Kung Fu system , the understanding of what is Kung Fu and it is a system is crucial. For this, is best known aphorism of Grand Master Moy Yat who does not tire of repeating : " Kung Fu system is not without Kung Fu , Kung Fu which depends on a system is not good Kung Fu ."

Blog Dido ; And as it is currently the work of the Moy Yat Ving Tsun Martial Intelligence in Brazil towards the transmission of traditional Wing Chun system ?

Leo Imamura
But before proceeding , I wonder what you mean by traditional transmission so I can be more precise on the ...

Blog Dido ; When I refer to traditional broadcasting , I say to convey the importance of concepts such as system were transmitted by the ancient patriarchs , without, however , fail to give relevance to the current context , the changes of time , place and culture that probably influence the transmission of the Wing Chun system , then how was the work of the Moy Yat Ving Tsun Martial Intelligence in Brazil in order to continue the legacy of Grand Master Moy Yat .

Leo Imamura

The legacy of Grand Master Moy Yat can be expressed through the name Moy Yat Ving Tsun which is committed to progressive filling of Life Kung Fu to their descendants in the context of access to Ving Tsun . This commitment has been made ​​possible through the Program Moy Yat Ving Tsun Martial Intelligence consisting of a set of policy instruments that are recognized by each family leader of Clan Moy Yat . These policy instruments act on 3 strategic vectors :
a. For the gradual filling of Life Kung Fu (Sam Pahath )
b . As the recognition of the descendants of Grand Master Moy Yat
c . Regarding the context of access to Ving Tsun

Blog Dido ; So there is a whole experiential process designed to prepare someone to become able to safeguard the future knowledge of the Wing Chun system , if you want to join the Clan Moy Yat Sang , for example?

Leo Imamura
Yeah, 9 strategic instruments, 3 for each vector. Each with its own characteristics.

Blog Dido; but this relates to the phases of the system itself?

Leo Imamura

I think what you call "phase", we call "domain (ling wik)". The Ving Tsun system has 6 domains: Siu Nim Tau, Chum Kiu, Biu Ji Mui Fa Jong, Luk Dim Bun Gwan and Baat Jaam Do. For each domain there is a system level (Basic, Intermediate, Advanced, Superior Home, Superior and Superior Medial Final) program that consists of 9 strategic instruments.

Blog do Dido: Why these instruments are called strategic?

Leo Imamura

Why they are not any instruments. Instruments are strategically designed to cover every strategic vector.

Blog do Dido : Say for access to Siu Lin Tao (Siu Nim Tau) ... In the three points above, saam fat, recognizing the descendents and access ...

Leo Imamura

As already said , Siu Nim Tau is one of ling wik ( domain) of the Ving Tsun system . When the strategic instruments Moy Yat Ving Tsun Program of Martial Intelligence are met for Siu Nim Tau Domain , we have what we call Basic Level :
As for the Progressive Filling of Life Kung Fu strategic instruments are :
1 . Providing Monitored Life Kung Fu
2 . Reporting Personal Life Kung Fu Si Fu with emphasis on nature Siu Nim Tau Domain
3 . Visit the Official Leadership Clan Moy Yat Sang
Regarding the Recognition of Descendants of Grand Master Moy Yat strategic instruments are :
1 . Initiation Ceremony at the Ving Tsun
2 . Genealogical Study of Basic Level of Moy Yat Lineage
3 . Seminar tutoring Ving Tsun Experience Level 1

Finally , the strategic vector " as the context of access to the Ving Tsun System " :
1 . Moment Scheduled Access to Siu Nim Tau Domain
2 . Meeting on Siu Nim Tau Domain
3 . Seminar on Introduction Process Titration Tutorial Moy Yat Ving Tsun Martial Intelligence

Blog do Dido; In your opinion, why there are so many strains of ving tsun, some so similar and others so disparate, but many of them coming from Yip Man? For example, when we see the Siu Nim Tao Si Fu Chu Shong Ting; it performs a shape. When we see another Fu, for example, Lo Man Kan, it performs slightly differently and still William Cheung Siu does so entirely different from the other two neem and all were followers Yip Man ...

Leo Imamura  ; Ah, this is normal. Why do you think it should be equal. Each person has their own kung fu ...
Blog do Dido; But there is a legend that SiFu Yip Man taught in different ways for each student ....
I do not know if that would basement...

Leo Imamura
One very important thing: the Patriarch Ip Man did not teach anyone ... Kung Fu ... Simply because the Kung Fu that can be learned only through access to the system. This access was individualized according to the circumstance that each student was learning. What is normal in chnesa culture. I'm not sure what you mean by "teaching differently", because I still do not quite understand your question. So let me ask you a question: do you have brother?

Blog Dido; Yes, I have a little brother ...

Leo Imamura ; It is like you?

Blog Dido; no...Not at all

Leo Imamura ;

Then I would ask a question; Because you are so different it is from the same parents?
But there is a legend that parents make children different from each other ... ever heard of it?

Blog Dido; (laughs) No, no ...

Leo Imamura

Yeah ... this question makes sense to u?

Blog Dido; Now, do not ....

Leo Imamura

So why do you think it would be different in Kung Fu? Hence you see the discrepancies transmission in China and here in Brazil. We have different expectations. Our understanding of this is very discrepant. So I asked about his understanding of 'traditional broadcast. "I want to clarify that discrepancy is not a bad thing. Discrepancy basically means that there is a difference between one and another. There is no problem with that. This is normal.

Blog Dido ; As Mr. . sees the release of Wing Chun by social networks in Brazil ? They are satisfactory in relation to how it is disseminated style, or lack something to improve ?

Leo Imamura

I can not give a qualified opinion about because I follow very little these virtual groups , except when a colleague forwards some post so I can take notice. But from what little I saw , I realize that people opine according to their understanding of the Ving Tsun system . I guess that's okay ... a social network is an open forum where people speak their minds . So I can not make value judgments about people's opinions .

Blog Dido ; Well , to end the interview , I would like Mr. . leave a message for the readers , who always accompany the interviews here on the blog and some addresses for those who want to schedule a visit to some of the core ...

Leo Imamura : The strongest path is one that embraces the other . Likewise , the best interpretation of the Ving Tsun is the one who picks the other . Diversity is very important . Learn how to make it a strategic advantage is the art of the strategist ( the so practicing kung fu too) .

Thanks for the opportunity to express what I think .

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